Gareth of Deveron
Name Gareth of Deveron
Race Half-Elf
Class Ranger
Nationality Taldan?

Gareth is a half-elven ranger, who hails from the village of Deveron, a small hamlet in the south of Taldor, but his life was changed forever when fey tricked him into the First World. He is a competent swordsman, archer, and woodsman, capable of living off the land almost indefinitely.

AC 16
Touch AC 12
Flat Footed AC 14
Fortitude +4 +2 vs Enchantments
Reflexes +5 +2 vs Enchantments
Will +1 +2 vs Enchantments
Perception +11 +2 vs Fey
Sense Motive +1 +2 vs Fey

Gareth is a competent archer, but when in combat, he is equally at home with bow or greatsword, and fights with grim intensity. His favored enemy is Fey ( +2), and his trained Knowledge skills are Nature ( +5) and Dungeoneering ( +4). He speaks Taldane, Elven, and Sylvan, picked up during his time in the First World.


Gareth was born in a sleepy little hamlet called Deveron, located in southern Taldor. His mother, a young woman named Vivian Stearn, was the proprietress of the village’s general store, and his father was an elven adventurer who just happened to be passing through. By and large, however, life in Deveron was simple.

Gareth, as he grew older, spent more and more time in the Border Forest on the outskirts of town, where his keen elven eyes were a great asset in hunting around the village. It was on one of these hunting excursions, however, that some trickster faeries lured him into a portal into the First World.

Gareth spent the better part of a few weeks wandering around the First World, dealing with the strange creatures and fey that dwelled there, before finally managing to find his way back into Golarion. Triumphant and elated, Gareth made his way back through increasingly more familiar lands to return home.


However, when Gareth arrived at that crossroads on the road to Zimar, he realized that this was not the home he was looking for. Although the landscape was familiar, the village, which was apparently called Heldren, was subtly different, and everyone reacted as though he had been gone a year and a half. The layout was subtly different, and now the village had a bell. All the people were slightly different, with one exception, and everyone seemed to think he was someone else, including the woman who resembled his mother.

He’s been back in town for about three weeks now, supplementing his stays with selling the meat and furs from hunting, and trying to figure out what he’s going to do next.


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