Bem Holstad

Bem holstad

Bem Holstad is a life long native of Heldren. He was born twenty years back to Ellen and Corbin Holstad, the eldest of three children. His brother is Elgin and is three years younger than Bem. Yesbeth, Bem’s sister, is five years younger. Bem is a gifted sorcerer and is looking for a chance to really test his abilities and to grow the power that dwells deep within him. He’s doomed to become and adventurer, it’s just a matter of time.

Bem’s father is a hunter for the village. While he is fully proficient in trapping and foraging as well, Corbin is best known for his bringing in venison. The meats he hunt taste better than most of the catches of other hunters in the area, so he gets preferred prices in supplying the Silver Stoat, as well as a few other nearby community’s taverns. The secret to his reputation actually comes from Bem’s joining the hunt. Bem helps his father by lending sleep spells. When the animals are caught, they have no chance to release hormones for fear or pain into the meat.

Bem’s family has magic in the blood. Some time during the Grand Campaign of Taldor, one of Bem’s ancestors was pressed into service by Baron Tolmen Elmhurst for a magical experiment. Hungry to increase his holding’s supply of arcane conscripts for the war, he began experiments breeding his peasants with mystical creatures. Corbin’s family line came from those experiments, one in which his family was crossbred with Efreet blood. The experiment was a success, but Baron Elmhurst lost interest in the original success’ descendents when their daughter didn’t produce a mystically powered heir. For the Holstad family, only the male line expresses their magical powers.

(to be continued)

Bem Holstad

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