Bahren Steison
Name Bahren Steison
Race Half-Elf
Class Alchemist
Nationality Taldan

Bahren Steison was born from a union of an human mother and an elf man in south Taldren. His mother was a just a peasant girl was one of those wandering minstrels that’s always getting to know the locals a little too well. Suffice it to say, his grandparents weren’t entirely thrilled by the child. Although his grandmother treated him fairly, his grandfather was harsh on the boy, leading him to try and run away at 12 years old.

Well it kind of worked. One of the White Witches had been moving through the south and took notice of him enough that she tried to ensnare him with trickery to become an apprentice. But it was his grandfather who, much to Bahern’s surprise, rescued him. The old man had been an adventurer in his younger days, and knew enough magic to rebuff the witch.

Bahren’s grandfather told him he was harsh to him because the world was harsh, unforgiving. He then used what powers he could summon to ward Bahren against more interests from witch, but it permanently altered his ability to use the same powers. Instead, Bahren became interested in Alchemy, but at the same time his encounter with the Winter Witch left in him a desire to learn more then Alchemy could tell him.

So, around 18 years of age Bahren said his goodbyes – including to his full human half-sister and brother, born in actual wedlock – and started on the road further north, stopping in towns long enough to earn money to continue his studies and fund his expedition. Until he came across Heldren where he has been trying to get an apprentice ship with Tessaraea Willowbark. Otherwise he works odd jobs and reads a lot, having had difficulty earning the money needed to move on.

Occasionally sullen, and almost always quiet Bahren suffers from some kind of social anxiety probably related to being a half blood. He isn’t considered a layabout by the community, but he just isn’t very strong. He makes most of his coin by using healing extracts to mend skinned knees and hang overs.

He knew Marcus before the other half-elf disappeared, but only for a scant six months. The two half-elves would sometimes go into the forest to look for Bahren’s alchemical ingredients. This person calling themselves Gareth walks, talks and acts like Marcus, but either it isn’t him, or something has change the man’s memories,


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